With so many prayers from family and friends for a healthy recovery, Jamie became connected to a Qigong Grandmaster and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Under his Eastern influence Jamie received weekly medical Qigong treatments during his oncology protocol which reduced the side-effects of chemotherapy so well that he never missed a single session of treatment despite his blood counts dropping into dangerously low ranges. Master Zhou’s medical qigong treatments were so effective, they even caused his hair to grow back while receiving chemotherapy. Now that is healing!

The essence of what Jamie speaks about is the crucial recovery phase after cancer treatment. Exactly what happens to a person after a monumental and traumatic medical ordeal. Now, Jamie is  helping other cancer survivors to escape the long struggle of recovery by sharing what he has learned. His coaching and speaking focuses on the truly effective practices for healing and how to implement them. He inspires people to believe that change is not only possible, but can be practical, effective and lasting. Jamie’s message is clear. “With the proper tools and know how, you can attain vibrant health, a clear mind, and activate the power within you to be healthy and live fully.”

Jamie Gannon is available for one on one personal coaching or for group presentations. His speeches are impacting, informative and entertaining. If you are interested in booking Jamie, please complete the form on our contact page. Speaker fees vary according to venue and/or group size.