Dr. Mark Hyman explains very succinctly how the Vegan diet and the Paleo diet are not that far off. Ok, Paleos are “allowed” to eat meat, but they are pretty strict about it being grass-fed, local-sourced, NOT factory-farmed (fed GMO soy and corn, shot up with growth hormones, etc). Realize that chemo destroys rapidly-dividing cells (cancer). However, many of the beneficial cells in our body are rapidly dividing too. The cells in our stomach lining are rapidly-dividing, and thus become targets for chemotherapy agents.
With massive amounts of our stomach cells being killed off by the chemo we’re being given to stop our cancer, we can lose our ability to digest foods as well as healthy people can. According to Cancer.net (website for the American Society of Clinical Oncology) “Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery may affect how well a person digests food. In addition, surgery or radiation therapy to the abdominal area can lead to tissue scarring, long-term (chronic) pain, and intestinal problems that affect digestion. Moreover, some survivors may have chronic diarrhea that reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.”

This is a HUGE tipping point in favor of a plant-based diet for survivors looking to achieve vibrant health after cancer treatment. Dr. Mark Hyman, Chairman, Institute for Functional Medicine explains in this clip the similarities, but also that we are all different. If you’ve had a normal-to-heavy chemotherapy regimen, consider yourself compromised when it comes to digestion.