When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is to turn my mind toward the Divine; for me, that means “God”. Not because I’m super-religious, or I’m such a good person, it’s because that action sets me on the “better” path, all day long. It’s the one true beacon I can always count on guiding me to my best self.

I’m addicted to feeling great. That means taking care of what I think, what I eat, what I say and do. And when life throws me a curveball (which it always does), I can bend in the wind and not be broken. Balance…

That might mean shifting my perspective, drinking a big glass of water, getting my “Morning Jam” smoothie into the blender—whatever it takes to get myself balanced. Damn sure I’m also going to do some qigong to get my body aligned and my energy flowing.

After that, I can shift my focus to my kids, the dog, work, and the million other responsibilities we all have in common. I don’t have to spend a second worried about cancer (or any disease) coming into my life. Instead, I shape my life to best serve myself and others– with the added benefit that it helps me of getting better and better at finding happiness in whatever moment I find myself.

My clients are my teammates, and my responsibility—I’m the coach, so I’ve got to lead, and make sure it’s never about “me”. More than anything else, I care about helping them get beyond their cancer and on to their best life ever.

In my world, dedication and flexibility are necessities. Humor is always a fabulous idea, because “Hardass” is overrated (trust me!), and joyless is a definite NO.

I believe fantasizing about a near-perfect life is totally reasonable! “Perfect” is impossible, but “near-perfect” is wonderful, with a side of interesting. This means striving for goals is a must. Not to put another notch in our belt, or to impress friends and family, but to apply our fullest self to creating the life and world of our dreams. At the end of the day, we weren’t made to walk through life with no obstacles.

“…the heart of man, his body and brains, are forged in a white-hot furnace for the purpose of conflict (the struggle of creation), and that with the conflict removed, the man is a sword cutting daisies…”
-Tennessee Williams