As Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan, Deanna Pai, is higher profile than the average cancer survivor; so maybe people will click on her story and linger longer than the normal 3 seconds. Everything she mentions about life after treatment ends is obvious to other survivors, but the rest of the world is apparently in the dark. The lack of structure and emphasis on transitioning cancer survivors back to “normal” life is the missing component of cancer care in America. We all suffer silently because we “should” just feel grateful to be alive, right? I mean, c’mon, we’ve already put everyone out quite a bit, haven’t we???? 
NO, actually, we haven’t…
If we’re to take control of our health, we first need to give ourselves permission to say we still need some help. I think the real truth is, that everyone else has no idea what to do. Our families, our friends– hell, even our oncologists. There is this gray area they can’t help us with because they have never experienced it themselves. 

So, if our caregivers and medical professionals don’t know what we need, and we can’t articulate what we need due to the side-effects of treatment and the trauma of a cancer experience, what do we do??? I became a certified coach for this very reason. I am trying to wake everyone up to this problem, then help survivors to kow what they need to get past cancer once and for all!

If you are a survivor suffering through side-effects and unable to find closure around your cancer experience please contact me to set up an appointment.

Be well, my friends!