Go from  suffering cancer treatment side-effects to Vibrant Health!

Here are the six major components in my Recovering From Recovery(TM) program. While some steps might require more or less time and effort than others, they are all indispensable if you are looking to THRIVE, not just Get By… 

1 ASSESS Determine your starting point, visualize your goal, then plot the journey between the two Get clarity of purpose, and pinpoint where you are now: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically
2 FLUSH Remove physical toxins and mental barriers that move you away from your goals Eliminate unhealthy eating habits, negative self-talk, and judgment of people, places, and situations
3 RE-FILL Fuel yourself with the right energy for the journey Practice healthy eating* and a dynamic exercise regimen that’s right for you, to nurture your well-being
4 PRIME THE ENGINE: Mental Nourishment Convert all of that good fuel into usable energy! Identify and release all resentments and limiting beliefs
5 ADD THE SPARK: Emotional & Spiritual Nourishment Be present in this very moment– invite good things into your life through GRATITUDE  Learn Energetic practices like Yoga and Qigong to ignite harmony and ease
6 PUT IT IN DRIVE! Identify your passions, Dream up your best possible life, clarify your priorities Convert your life into a more fulfilling, abundant, and enjoyable experience

*Nutrition free from processed, toxic, unfulfilling food