If you’ve completed your cancer treatment, and the side-effects seem to be crushing you (even though everyone thinks you look fine) You are NOT alone .

I can help you get back the life you had before your cancer diagnosis, or create an even BETTER one. I did it, and so can you!

I call the simple tools and techniques I used to regain my health and wellness, “Recovering From Recovery™”. This process will help you to remove what is clogging up your body and mind and keeping you from getting past your cancer experience once and for all!

Get started with a FREE session to identify your MOST DIFFICULT side-effects, and find out WHY you can’t seem to get past these stumbling blocks. 

Then, if you’d like to go forward we can begin weekly telephone or Skype calls where I introduce and walk you through the most effective ways to Recover from Recovery. We will build you a custom toolkit based on: Nutrition, Exercise, Energy training, and Spirit, and make sure your mind is taking you toward your wellness goals at all times.

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