Creating your life after cancer is one of the greatest pieces of creative work you could ever do!

Not that it’s always going to be easy… 
Some days it will feel impossible, some days you will blame Cancer for everything wrong in your life and wallow in your own self-pity. Those are the times you need inspiration, a helping hand, a guide to bring you through the forest. That’s me.

I’ve been there, and passed through it.
That’s why I started coaching, that’s why I’m writing a book, that’s why I’m planning out FB Live videos… because if I can help other survivors navigate the changing tides of recovery, then my own cancer experience gains purpose and meaning. It becomes a way to be of service to others and thus, my Golden Ticket.

I coach survivors on how to slip the side-effects of treatment, and cancer-proof themselves against recurrence.
I teach the very tools I used to clear out the exhaustion, digestion problems, and mental fog that stayed around long after my radiation and chemo had ended.

Just as important, I help build those tools into a lifestyle my clients can live with for the long haul.

Because, what’s the use of having clear plans for health and happiness if you can’t put them into action??

My goal is nothing less than getting suvivors out from under cancer once & for all.

  • I am a 15 year brain cancer survivor; 10 of those years I spent as my own personal guinea pig, researching and refining my proven recovery system (and finding the published science to back it up)
  • I was a professional actor before my dx, and have been a presenter, teacher, and coach for the past eight years
  • I was treated and trained in Qigong by one of the most powerful grandmasters on the planet, Master Zhou, Ting-Jue, and continue to work with Sifu Richard Clear’s team.
    I can teach you the qigong style Master Zhou created, for your own health! No special clothing, equipment, or fancy gym needed to make your health dynamic and peaceful!

Work with me now by completing the form on my Contact page, or call me directly at 646-229-7618!